Low Self-Esteem

How we feel about ourselves or our perception of how others feel towards us, are significant in how we develop our sense of self-worth. Whether we feel good about ourselves and see ourselves as individuals of value, can have a huge impact on how we function in the world.

Shyness, anxiety, shame, relationship difficulties, finding ourselves repeating negative patterns or self-harming behaviours, addiction, eating disorders, depression can be some of our experiences arising from a low self-esteem.

We develop belief systems about ourselves, others and the world  (for example: “I’m no good why should I expect anyone to care for me” ). It is these belief systems which can stop us in our tracks and leave us feeling emotionally stuck at a very difficult juncture in our life. Counselling and working in therapy, can help with healing from our damaged sense of who we are. It will also allow us the chance to experience a new, different, therapeutic relationship where we ARE valued, we ARE heard, we ARE believed and as a result, begin to feel differently and gradually change our view of yourself.

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