Grachy Venegas

Location 27 Woodquay, 64 Dominick Street
Contact Number 085 216 8169
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Psychotherapy Training and Accreditation

Grachy is a Biodynamic and Integrative Psychotherapist, which means that her main work is based on seeing the person as a whole, mind-body-spirit.

Grachy holds a Diploma in Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapy from Tracht Psychotherapy Foundation.  She is pre-accredited member, affiliated with IAHIP.​

Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Approach

Grachy helps clients to look at unwanted issues they are struggling with so that their present life becomes clearer.  ​She includes Bodywork Psychotherapy in her approach which involves Biodynamic Massage techniques developed by Gerda Boyesen.

She uses a variety of other approaches with no predetermined course: it varies with the needs of the individual client.  Grachy applies Vegetotherapy and works with expression, supporting people’s self-awareness through their somatic experiences.  She also works to support the development of specific life skills to help her clients deal with obstacles they encounter in their lives.

Grachy’s desire when working with clients is to support their personal development and their emotional development to the full.  Through therapeutic body massage the client can release past and present memories which have become stored in our body and muscles.  In Grachy’s pychotherapy sessions, clients can work through psyche therapy, which is a way to connect with the person you really are and care for the soul in daily life.

If a client has a desire to move on, to achieve greater wellbeing or is seeking to discover purpose in their life, together with Grachy they can explore current difficulties together.

Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest

Grachy has experience in looking at dysfunctional family issues using Gestalt techniques, helping the client with role-play conflict.  She looks at a person’s trauma, grieving, feelings of tiredness, apathy and disinterest.

With consistent work, a client’s stress, mood, addictions, eating disorders, sexual issues, conflicts, social dissatisfaction and any feelings of being stuck and wanting to move on will become more manageable.  Grachy can help clients to find their natural flow for life and to be more aware of their senses which may already be guiding them to a better space.

Grachy’s fee is €60 per session (Her sessions are available in English, Spanish, Catalan)

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