Online Counselling, Psychotherapy and CBT

Range of Online Therapies

We offer a full range of online counselling, psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), psychosexual therapy and clinical supervision services. We have a team of highly experienced therapists who work with you through secure video conferencing on a safe and confidential basis. Our online therapists work with the full range of issues as if you are attending in person. We work with a very wide range of issues including, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, grief, anger, addiction, sexual difficulties, Gay/Lesbian and LGBTQ+ issues, loneliness, trauma, PTSD, abuse, family difficulties, suicide, eating disorders, low self-esteem, self-harm, worry, life and existential issues, panic attacks, work-related difficulties, bullying, pregnancy support, postnatal support, miscarriage support, IVF support and attachment. This list is not exhaustive, there are many more issues not listed here that our therapists are experienced in working with. We are complex as human beings and many of you may identify with elements of more than one core issue. In order to use our online service, you must be over 18 Years of age.

Is online therapy confidential?

Mind and Body Works guarantee not to disclose any information provided by you to any 3rd party. The personal information that you initially provide is handled only by our two practice directors who will strictly use it to facilitate making a suitable appointment. You may provide this information via email or telephone call. Upon beginning online therapy, your therapist will explain the confidentiality of your work together. As in the case of all therapy services, confidentiality is not absolute. There are limitations such as in statutory reporting of issues of risk around child protection. This will be explained to you by your therapist during your first session.

Will my online therapy be weekly?

Your online therapy will usually be arranged on a weekly basis. This is to allow you and your online therapist to enter into a process of greater understanding of the issues that you are experiencing and to build your relationship together as you work on these issues. The date and time of subsequent sessions will be agreed between you and your therapist during your first session and will generally be at the same day and time each week. Some therapists may be able to offer more flexibility.

Is my online therapist qualified?

All of our online counsellors and psychotherapists are fully qualified and are members of professional associations including Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP), Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP), and Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI). All of our therapists are fully insured to work online and are in regular supervision in line with their professional membership. Each online therapist is a sole practitioner and is required to meet the professional standards of their professional body. If you feel that you have reason for complaint about the professional conduct of your online therapist, you can bring it to the complaints procedure of that body. You may also bring dissatisfaction with the service that you have received to the attention of the directors of Mind and Body Works.

How much is an online therapy session and how do I pay?

The fee for an online counselling, psychotherapy or CBT session is €70 per session and the fee for online psychosexual therapy, supervision or couples therapy is €80 per session. The first fee is paid in advance of your first session through the payment button on our page below. Online therapy sessions will be confirmed when payment has been received. Your online therapist will arrange further payments with you. You will have the option to pay for more than one session at a time or to pay session by session, but payment must be made in advance of the session. Online sessions that are cancelled within 24 hours of the agreed time must be paid for. Receipts will be issues for all sessions paid for.

How do I select an online therapist?

We will help you to find the most suitable online therapist available, depending on the issues that you would like to discuss and on your availability. You will be able to read the profile of the recommended therapists before making your booking. You will be helped in this process online or via phone by one of the centre managers of Mind and Body Works.

How will I make contact with my online therapist?

When you book and pay for your first online session with Mind and Body Works, you will then receive confirmation and details of your online session directly from your therapist. All subsequent arrangements and contact will be directly between you and your therapist. Your online therapist will send you a copy of the terms and conditions of the therapy after your first session. This is known as the contract or agreement between you.

How do I make an online appointment?

Simply click the ‘Contact Us’ button above and fill out the inquiry form. We will be back in touch with you shortly either by email or phone call if you prefer.