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Psychotherapy Training and Accreditation

Gillian Buckley is a professionally qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist.  She trained with the Tivoli Institute, graduating in 2010.  This course is recognised by Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists (IAHIP).

Gillian is a fully accredited member of IAHIP and maintains the professional standards set out by this organization to ensure the protection of the public.  She attends regular supervision as part of her ethical commitment to her work and abides by the code of ethics outlined by IAHIP.

Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Approach

By working with well-established models of psychotherapy Gillian facilitates the exploration of a client’s thought patterns, emotions and behaviours.  It is her aspiration as a psychotherapist to make the experience of the therapeutic relationship useful.  The client learns to become their own observer, learning to understand and regulate their internal worlds – perhaps truly meeting themselves for the first time.

Gillian believes that we cannot see the whole of ourselves without a mirror and we cannot know ourselves without the relationships in our lives.  Perhaps the most important relationship is often missed, it is the connection to ourselves.  Through the therapeutic relationship, Gillian, believes we can connect with the whole of our being; mind, body and soul.  It is this wish she holds for all of her clients to reach a more fulfilling life.

Working with an individual’s thought patterns and beliefs about themselves can often motivate their decision making that they may not be aware of.  Gillian offers her clients time, safety and space to explore their internal worlds, she encourages a compassionate curiosity for themselves with an aim to shine a new light on their lives. The individual has an opportunity to live a new experience.

Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest

Gillian offers individual counselling and psychotherapy and has worked predominantly in the area of relationship challenges.  She has a keen interest in attachment theory and family dynamics.  Having two young children herself, Gillian, has a down to earth and human understanding of the challenges parenthood can bring.

Gillian also has experience in working with infertility, miscarriage and still birth.

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