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Anita Murphy

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Anita works with us on:

Monday3pm - 10pmWicklow St, Dublin 2
Wednesday8am - 3pmWicklow St, Dublin 2

Anita’s fee is €75 per 50 minute session

Psychotherapy Training & Accreditation

Anita holds an honours degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy since 2008 and is a fully accredited member of IACP, abiding by their codes of ethics.

Anita has completed a Diploma in Psychology and a Diploma in Attachment Theory, both with distinction.  She has also completed various professional training courses including the Rape Crisis Centre (RCC) “working with issues of childhood sexual abuse” & “Offering support in the aftermath of rape and sexual assault”, One in Four “Child protection & the Psychotherapist”, Mindfulness within therapy, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Suicide Alertness (SafeTalk Ireland), Body Centered Psychotherapy, Early Relational Trauma (Symposion) & Narcissistic Abuse (IACP). She is committed to ongoing personal and professional development.

Counselling & Psychotherapeutic Approach

Anita works primarily as a Person-Centred/Integrative Psychotherapist, initially aiming to capture a sense of what her client’s needs are.  As she considers each person and situation to be unique, Anita draws upon various therapeutic approaches such as CBT, Solution-focused or Psychodynamic Therapy tailoring the approach to suit each client’s specific requirements. Working intuitively, Anita has developed the necessary skills to foster confidence and strength with highly sensitive individuals (HSP).

Anita has extensive experience within the following areas: Anxiety/Stress, Depression, Bereavement, Childhood Trauma/Bullying, Attachment & Loss, Relationship Difficulties, Self-Esteem/Self-Acceptance, Domestic Abuse/Isolation, Addiction, Eating Disorders and Workplace Distress.

Counselling Experience & Areas of Interest

In conjunction with 16 years working as a therapist, Anita has over 10 years of experience working with vulnerable women and children from diverse cultural and social backgrounds within the area of Domestic Abuse. Anita has gained invaluable experience in understanding the essence of acceptance of self and the importance of having one’s voice heard, regardless of circumstances.

Through a supportive, safe and nurturing environment, Anita believes that compassion, patience and empathy are crucial to enabling another find their inner resources and strengths. She firmly believes that we each possess these internal resources which enable us to cope with life but can be lost or buried along the way due to life’s circumstances and difficulties.  Anita highly values equality, fairness and congruence as central qualities to helping another.

Anita holds sessions Face to Face, Online and by Phone & is registered with Laya Health Insurance.


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