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Dermot Kelly (He/Him)

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Dermot’s fee per session is €90 for individuals and €120 for relationship therapy

Psychotherapy Training and Accreditation

Dermot holds a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from PCI College.  He has completed further training, specialising in child and adolescent psychotherapy, gaining an MA in Creative Psychotherapy and a Diploma in Creative Supervision at the Children’s Therapy Centre.  Dermot holds the London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy (LDPRT).

Dermot has completed training with the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Issues of Sexual Violence: The Counselling Process.  Dermot is currently completing an Advanced Diploma in Couples Therapy.

Dermot is an accredited psychotherapist and supervisor with the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).  He is an Accredited British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) member.  He is a registered member of CORST (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists).

Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Approach

Dermot’s training and theoretical approach are humanistic and integrative.  He incorporates the theoretical approaches of humanistic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.  Dermot uses creative methods such as sand tray in his therapeutic style.  Dermot believes that the relationship between the therapist and the client is crucial for effective therapy.  In addition to general psychotherapy, Dermot has additional speciality trainings.

Sex Therapy – As a sex therapist, Dermot works with clients with a range of sexual issues and concerns both with individuals and with those in intimate relationships.  Dermot supports clients in exploring sexual and relationship diversity and to understand the organic and non-organic origins of sexual problems.  This results in decreased distress that sexual issues may cause within one’s personal life and relationships, and supports alleviating sexual problems.

Specific sexual problems treated include erectile dysfunction, rapid ejaculation, vaginismus and dyspareunia (painful intercourse), difficulties and differences in sexual desire, inability to reach orgasm and intimacy issues.  Dermot works with men both pre and post-prostatectomy.

Relationship Therapy – People in a relationship experience many issues, including loss of intimacy and desire, difficulty communicating, arguing, and drifting apart.  Dermot supports people in relationships to navigate these issues. 

Child and Adolescent Therapy (Play and Creative Psychotherapy) – Children’s language is play.  Using play means the child can explore their thoughts and feelings creatively and dynamically without always needing words to articulate themselves.  Working alongside parent(s) and primary caregivers, Dermot works with children through play therapy to explore their creativity and develop their problem-solving skills—a powerful life skill.

Adolescent therapy relies more on creativity than play, supporting young people in making sense of their feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  Dermot helps adolescents who are dealing with anxiety, depression, or trauma.  Dermot can support adolescents in discovering their sexual orientation or coping with peer pressure, self-esteem issues, and bullying.  And the many external factors disrupting today’s teenagers’ mental health include social media, constant stimulation, and fear about world events and climate change.

Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest

Dermot has been a practising psychotherapist since 2009.  He has gained experience supporting adults, children and adolescents with depression, anxiety, abuse, sexual violence, PTSD, loss and grief, relationship difficulties, sexuality, sexual functioning issues and lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.  Dermot has experience in private practice and other settings, including hospitals, prisons, and primary, secondary and third level education.

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