Who am I?

Mother, Father, sister, brother, the responsible one, the fixer, the rescuer, the comedian, the negotiator, the caretaker, the addict, the child. Who are you?

We all have a place in our family of origin but that may not necessarily be who we are, to our family & friends or even work colleagues. We are very often assigned roles within the family- especially if we belong to the infamous dysfunctional family- this begins in childhood and it can be impossible to avoid taking on a role which has been assigned to us.

However in our adult relationships we may not recognise the role we easily fall into but more often may find ourselves wondering, what is wrong with me? Why did I not see that coming? Or how did I let that happen again? This can be a regular thought pattern of the rescuer.

Who am I? Is one of the most fundamental questions we ask ourselves at different points in our lives! We often contemplate and reflect on this question after a close encounter with death, the end of a relationship or marriage.  The death or critical illness of a loved one could leave us reflecting who we are. Sometimes a natural disaster would send us into active contemplation. New life into a family, changes who we are.

Who am I? Is ultimately the first question we ask ourselves when we are ready to look at the changes we may need to make in our lives; our relationships; our career; our future; Change is never easy but it can make for an interesting and fulfilling life. If you are ready to change unhealthy life patterns, open your mind to awareness and build the most important relationship of your life, with yourself. Then you may be ready to engage with a therapeutic journey!

Therapy can help you break unhealthy patterns and enable you to build a relationship with yourself and enable you to engage and build healthy relationships with others. Change is difficult but not impossible.

“He who looks outside Dreams, he who looks inside Awakens”. Carl Jung

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