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Rachel Murphy

Location Dublin 4
Contact Number 085 111 1181
Rachel Murphy is available for supervision only
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Rachel works with us on:

Thursday3pm - 10pmDonnybrook, Dublin 4

Rachel’s fee is €70 per 50 minute session

Psychotherapy Training and Accreditation

Rachel holds a Higher Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Dublin Business School (DBS) and graduated with a MA in Psychotherapy from DBS in 2011. She also holds a Higher Diploma and MA in Women’s Studies from University College Dublin.  She is a fully accredited psychotherapist and clinical supervisor with the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (MIAHIP).

In 2010, Rachel completed a training in ‘The Essentials of Sexual Minority’ in London with Pink Therapies Dominic Davies.

Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Approach

Rachel follows a therapeutic model which respects every person as being individual and unique. Often life experiences and situations are similar; however for each person the emotional impact can be different and often causes considerable confusion, chaotic feelings and obsessional thoughts.

“As a Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist I draw on whatever approach is appropriate to suit individual needs and presenting emotional states”.

Rachel believes that the aim of Psychotherapy is to help a person understand what makes them feel anxious, depresses, overwhelmed, angry etc, while also learning to accept the various and unique aspects of themselves within the life that they live.

Having the ability to identify difficult feelings and negative thoughts often helps a person to become better at coping with difficult experiences / situations and can help a person learn how to take control of their life.

Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest

Rachel has had the privilege of working with clients from diverse backgrounds for a number of years. She has a special interest in ‘equality’ – that all human beings deserve to feel equal and thus be allowed to reach their true potential.

She is interested in the negative impact experienced from a person feeling emotionally overwhelmed due to issues of gender, sexuality, age, class and ethnicity.

She has a continued interest in Attachment Theory and Object Relations along with the Ethical standards within the work of Psychotherapy.

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Clinical Supervision

My Experience as A Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor

She is a Trainer and Lecturer in DBS for the Higher Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy and also holds Coordinator and Program Leader Roles in the Psychotherapy Department of DBS.

My Membership of Professional Associations

Rachel is an accredited Supervisor and Psychotherapist with IAHIP.

My Training and Qualifications

She holds a Certificate in Counselling Psychology (ACCEPT) Diploma in Counselling (ACCEPT),  Higher Diploma in Women’s Studies (UCD), an MA in Women’s Studies (UCD), a Higher Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy (DBS) , an MA in Psychotherapy (DBS) and Diploma in Supervision (2 year Gestalt Relational).

My Areas of Interest in Supervision

Her focus is on the issues of being Human and the ethical challenges that this involves.

Rachel’s fee for supervision is €70

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