The Role of Online Therapy in Sex Therapy

If you are looking to begin psychosexual therapy, online sex therapy can be a suitable option for you. The increase in popularity of online therapy means that there are more accessible options for therapy and access to more highly experienced therapists than may be in your locality. Psychosexual therapy is a specific area of therapy that requires a therapist to complete a specialised training. Sex therapy is a much more personal and intimate area than general psychosexual therapy, so it is important that you consider what will help you feel more confident and safe in starting this journey.

The Importance of Online Sex Therapy

If you are experiencing a psychosexual issue, you should be able to have a place to work through your issues in a supportive, judgement=free environment. The benefits of online sex therapy is that you have access to many therapists trained to work with a range of psychosexual issues so you do not have to feel alone in what you are experiencing. Psychosexual therapy covers various categories of issues such as performance issues, emotional attitudes towards sex, sexual preferences, gender identity and many more. Within a session you are given the freedom to speak openly and honestly about how you relate to your sexual life. This may be the first time that you are speaking about this issue so it may take some time to feel comfortable opening up to someone in such an intimate way. Your therapist will work with you to understand how your issue is impacting your sex life and how to work through the barriers that you are experiencing to allow you to feel fulfilled. There is no ‘normal’ sexual life, and your psychosexual therapist knows this. They will not try to make you fit into any standard of sexuality but will help you understand your own sexuality and how you can relate to this.

Finding a sex therapist in your area may be difficult as there may not be many options available, especially if you are living in a remote area. By accessing online sex therapy at Mind and Body Works, you can work with qualified psychosexual therapists in another location who will have completed the necessary training required to be accredited as a sex therapist. You can select from our team of online psychosexual therapist so you are not limited to a narrow choice. If there is a specific issue that you would like to work on you will have a better opportunity to find a suitable therapist that has experience working with it. Starting the process of online sex therapy with a choice from a team of experienced therapists can help you feel less daunted as you begin your journey.

There are many benefits of online sex therapy. Attending sessions online is a more convenient option for some people. The idea of having to commute and schedule a session within a busy working week can be time consuming if you are working, raising a family or have a busy social life. Being able to log onto your computer within your own living space may be more appealing and more practical. You may also feel more comfortable opening up about personal issues in your own space. You may feel that attending sessions in-person might be too clinical or you may prefer the sense of anonymity and safety in conducting therapy online. If you are at home on your own or with your partner, you may feel that you are in a neutral space where your therapist is there to guide you through the session at your own pace.

Another benefit of online sex therapy is that it is accommodating for couples in long distance relationships, where both you and your partner can attend a session together even if you are not in the same country, city or even household. This allows a space for you both to talk equally about anything that may be causing difficulties within your sex life that cannot be addressed with each other.

There is a greater range of therapists available for online sex therapy at Mind and Body Works than will be working in-person in your locality. If you are looking to work with someone who specialises in a specific psychosexual issue you may have a better opportunity matching with the right online sex therapist than in-person. For example, if you are looking to work with a more gender-affirming therapist or someone who has experience working with sexually compulsive behaviours, there are more options to choose from on our team. If you are considering attending therapy in your locality you may be concerned about losing your anonymity and be worried about being seen attending a clinic. Online sex therapy can feel like a much more private and discreet choice and reduce some of the anxiety about attending for therapy.

Your sex life is fully subjective, meaning that it is personal to you. There can be a resistance to wanting to talk about sexual issues in a therapeutic setting.  Sex therapy introduces another element of intimacy which may make you feel exposed if you are not fully comfortable talking about it yet. The benefit of online sex therapy is that it allows you to reduce the anxieties and concerns that you have around discussing your sexual issues by allowing you to do so in your own private, comfortable and familiar space. There is no shame or embarrassment in embracing your sex life with a more positive approach, you are allowing yourself, and your partner, the opportunity to have a discussion about what is important for you and your sexuality.

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