Blackrock Counselling & Psychological Services

What is Counselling or Psychotherapy ?

Counselling or Psychotherapy is a talk therapy where a trained professional listens to you and helps you find ways to deal with emotional issues that you may have. It can seem daunting, but we’re here – right by your side. Those emotional issues can be about anything: anxiety, depression, struggles with work, struggles with school, problems in relationships, anything at all. There’s no template or “how-to” for counselling requirements: the only thing that matters is what matters to you

If you’re struggling with anything or everything, our team providing services for the Blackrock area is here. Our goal is to understand you, and to do everything we can to help you feel well.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How Often Will I Attend A Counsellor or Psychotherapist?

To achieve the best quality of care that you deserve, we generally recommend that you attend weekly sessions with our Blackrock area team – with the therapist that you connect with. This recommendation changes and varies depending on the client though, and that’s our priority: to give you, the client, the service and help that you personally need. For years, we have honed our skills in our counselling Blackrock team, to ensure that we can help you exactly how you need to be helped.

We’re all human, and we have all struggled. You don’t have to struggle alone.

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How Do I Begin?

Starting counselling can be daunting, but that’s exactly what our counselling services for the Blackrock area are here to help with. We’re all human, and we all struggle: with that in mind, every single member of our counselling Blackrock team is here to not only understand, but to help.

To connect with us, navigate to our therapist page and use our guiding system to connect with the professional best suited to your needs. We have all been fully trained, and each of us has a unique specialty to ensure that no matter what your needs are, they can be met by our Blackrock clinic team, based in Donnybrook, Dublin 4, and Dundrum, Dublin 14. We’re here to help, always.

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What Therapy Is Available?

So, we’ve covered the basics together. Now, you may be wondering: what services do you need?
We understand that it’s a difficult question, and we’re here to help guide you towards an answer. We offer a multitude of therapeutic services, and each one is specialised to help you in the exact way that you need to be helped.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or as it’s most commonly known, CBT) focuses on the client’s thoughts, physical sensations, feelings, and actions.

It maps their interconnectivity, and how those in turn affect the client. CBT focuses on breaking down potential triggers or problems into smaller parts, and addressing those smaller parts within the context of current triggers.

Marriage/Couples Counselling

we all are people, and with that in mind, we have individual struggles. Those individual struggles can be difficult to navigate; especially when you’re in a relationship, and when your partner has struggles of their own. Our couple’s counselling therapy is a safe, therapeutically sound space to explore both your personal and relationship issues, and to provide the tools and coping mechanisms to give you not only a healthy happy mind, but a healthy happy relationship too.


it can be difficult to know what help would suit you best: would psychotherapy suit you, or counselling, or something else? Everyone deserves personalised and unique help, and that’s why we have a range of experts. We have professionals who are fully trained from counselling to psychotherapy (and more), from individual counselling to couple’s counselling, from situational difficulties to long-term triggers or traumas. Our goal and passion is to help you, and to adhere to your therapeutic needs.

How Do I Begin?

If you have never entertained the thought of, let alone gone to, therapy, your first session can seem like a daunting experience. “What will it involve?” “Do I need to bring anything with me?” “What if I don’t like my therapist?”; these are just some of the most common questions prospective patients have before coming to our clinic.

We want you to know that you have nothing to worry about. Our professional team at Blackrock will guide you through all the necessary steps needed to start attending our counselling services.

However, to give you some insight into what therapy with Mind & Body Works involves, we will give you a brief rundown of the steps many clients take before working with us.

1: Contact us Directly

The first step you should take before considering therapy is to get in contact with us. We can help you identify what form of therapy and which therapists may best be suited to you. You can email us at or phone us on 01 6771021 and learn more about our therapists and the therapeutic methods they specialise in.

2: Contact a Therapist Directly

You can reach our available therapists directly through our website. Their email and phone details are available on their contact page.

3: Attend your first session.

Finally, attend your first session in Blackrock. The first session allows you to clarify the issues that you are struggling with and to try to identify a path forward through therapy. Ensure you ask any questions that come to mind during your session and speak honestly and confidentially about your problems

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At our Blackrock area team practice, our focus is on our patients and their needs. With that in mind, we have fine-tuned and focused our sessions to meet the peak amount of time that is beneficial for our clients. Each psychotherapy Blackrock session spans from around 50 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the therapist you attend and your personal preference.

Our goal for those living in Blackrock and the vicinity is to provide a top-class professional service at reasonable rates. Each of our highly trained counsellors has an individual rate, which can be researched further by clicking on the ‘Fees’ page of our website. In addition, all of our therapists display their fees on their individual profiles on our website – so that you can have all the information, exactly as you need it.

If clients are under financial pressure, we also offer one of the best low cost counselling services in Dublin, preovided

There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to differentiating between ‘psychotherapy’ and ‘counselling’. The words ‘psychotherapy’ and ‘counselling’ are often used interchangeably, and it’s for good reason. Each of these therapeutic areas work to fully understand the client, and to use that understanding to create effective, personalised coping mechanisms and techniques.

For both psychotherapy and counselling, the goal is to aid the client in recognising potential triggers or past traumas that impact their current life, and to help create healthy ways to both address and manage those issues.

Counselling is very useful to address current difficulties, and psychotherapy is helpful with addressing more long-term issues: but fret not! With our therapy Blackrock services, our goal is to give you the exact care that you deserve. Your wellbeing is our passion, so contact us today and let us help!