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Bríd’s fee is €75 per session for Psychotherapy or Supervision

Psychotherapy Training and Accreditation

Bríd is an IACP accredited counsellor psychotherapist and clinical supervisor with over 13 years of client experience, working with adults and teenagers (16 years and over).  Having originally trained in theatre, Bríd was introduced to the work of Augusto Boal (Theatre of the Oppressed) which in turn led her to pursue her training in Counselling Psychotherapy. Bríd attained her undergraduate degree in Counselling Psychotherapy (Honours) in 2010 and then her masters in Integrative Psychotherapy (Honours) in 2017, both from Munster Technical University. Following this she was awarded her Supervision accreditation in 2020 with Super.Vision in County Clare.

Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Approach

Recognising that the relationship between client and therapist is a fundamental part of the therapeutic process; Bríd builds a foundation of safety and trust with her clients, which enables the work of healing and change to take place. Bríd starts from the assumption that all humans are, in effect, the experts on their own lives. It is her belief that given the right therapeutic environment and relationship, the client will find their own truth.

Trained in humanistic psychotherapy Bríd has a creative and integrative approach to complex and developmental trauma. She does this by drawing on a range of appropriate therapeutic perspectives including, but not limited to Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Cognitive Therapies.

Bríd’s work as a counsellor psychotherapist ultimately supports the client to find and be their authentic self. It is Bríd’s hope as a person and as a psychotherapist that she provides a safe welcoming space for connection and healing, so each person has the ability to form trustworthy alliances that break through oppression and gain a sense of belonging, acceptance and personal power.

Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest

Bríd has worked as a counsellor psychotherapist with the HSE on the Counselling In Primary Care team, in a wide variety of community groups, with the ETB in Youth Reach and the Back To Education Initiative as well as student counselling services in University College Cork.

It is Bríd’s belief, that as human beings we affect and are affected by one another. Much of Bríd’s work as a Counsellor Psychotherapist has been with clients who were subjected to significant trauma and view relationships to be unsafe. Bríd understands how valuable it is to experience connection and to be understood. She recognises the therapeutic relationship as the space where the client heals the past as well as creates new healthy relational patterns.

Bríd is particularly interested in difference, and how this can unfold painfully in a person’s life – feeling misunderstood, isolated, misplaced, disconnected as well as feeling a lack of value in life and in self.  In addition to this Bríd is acutely aware of and interested in how oppression finds its way easily into life though issues related to relationship, gender, sexuality, race, religion, ability and socioeconomic cultures. Working with clients, Bríd values their subjective experience, respects their guiding beliefs and celebrates their individualism.

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