What is Parenting through Sand?

Parenting through Sand

Parenting through Sand is a unique and innovative Programme designed to support parents to deepen their emotional connection with their child. It uses the natural medium of Sand to help release the innate skills which are held within the parent(s) but, because of difficulties in this relationship, these skills can feel lost.

In Parenting through Sand Ursula will support the parent(s) as they re-connect with their child in a new and enriching way. Parents are further supported to emotionally listen to their child and this allows their child to feel they have been heard. Parents come for support when the child is displaying some difficulties in their life. The unique quality of Parenting through Sand is that the parent and child have already got a bond to build on and, while using the natural medium of Sand, this allows that bond to grow.

How does the Programme Work?

The Programme is run over 10 – 12 sessions in which the parent(s) attend for support in how to use the sand sessions with their child. Sand sessions with the Child usually take place in the child’s home for about 30 minutes once per week and these are held between the sessions the parent(s) attend with Ursula. Toys are used in the sand to allow the child to play out their difficulties while in a protected environment. The child will also attend for some sessions but the emphasis is mostly on the parent(s) and enhancing their already existing skill of relating. The role of the parent is to create a non-judgemental non teaching atmosphere in order to allow the child’s feelings to be accepted.
In this programme:
Ursula will aim to empower the parent(s) to restore their confidence to parent.
Parents will discover that the skills learnt can continue to be used in life outside the sand session.

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