Jared Gottlieb

Jared Gottlieb

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Psychotherapy Training and Accreditation

Jared holds a Masters in Social Work from Smith College, Massachusetts in the USA, a program known for its psychodynamic approach steeped in social justice and liberation theory. He held a counselling fellowship for over two years at the Insight Meditation Society, where he worked alongside some of the world’s leading mindfulness teachers.

Jared holds a Certified Social Worker Licence (LCSW) to practice therapy in the US, and he is accredited to practice in Ireland with the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).

Counselling & Psychotherapeutic Approach

Jared believes that the stories we tell ourselves inherited by family, work, community and society are often not vast enough to encompass the whole of our being. Therapy is a space to reclaim wholeness, heal wounding that we’ve often hidden from ourselves, and recognize the goodness within ourselves and others that has gotten obstructed by our suffering.

Jared is a psychodynamically-trained integrative clinician whose approach is informed by Insight Meditation, mindfulness, relational theory, object relations, narrative therapy, liberation theory, CBT, and DBT. Each of these modalities offer tools to help the client recognize what’s most important to them, what causes them the most suffering, and figure out how to best make life decisions from that knowing.

His approach is always informed by the needs of each client. Jared believes that it is not his job to tell you who you are or what you should do; rather, he is a collaborative support to help you better understand yourself and make the changes you’ve been wanting to make in your life.

Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest

Jared has practiced psychotherapy and counselling in a sex therapy clinic, college counseling center and community mental health settings in Massachusetts and California before moving my practice to Ireland.

He has a special interest in working with LGBTQ+ folks, those open to meditative approaches to therapy, people working in creative fields, those working to reimagine masculinity, folks navigating relationship challenges, clients seeking new approaches to better understand and relate to anxiety, stress, or overwhelm, and/or clients experiencing erotic marginalization due to sexual orientation, gender identity, or sexual practices.

Jared offers individual and relationship therapy. Whether it is individual or relationship therapy, he loves helping people recognise the hidden agreements shaping their lives and rewrite those agreements to best make space for and cherish the whole of their beings.

Jared feels honored to be present for the journey of anyone hoping to make transformative change in their lives. Whether with Jared or with another therapist, he wishes you the best in getting all you seek from therapy.

Jared’s fee is €80 per session for an individual


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