Arran Whelan (He/Him)

Location Dublin 2

Contact Number 087 225 2924

Psychotherapy Training and Accreditation

Arran has successfully completed his BA (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy with DBS and is a pre-accredited member with the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).  Arran is presently completing a Masters in Adolescent Psychotherapy.

Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Approach

Arran’s core training in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy allows him to work with each individual client and  to adapt the therapeutic style to suit the specific needs of each client.  In addition, Arran’s ongoing study as part of his masters enables him to better understand and appreciate the complexity of the adolescent process, addressing adolescent development and psychotherapy from a Gestalt relational perspective.

Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest

Arran works with a wide range of issues and is passionate about working in the area of LGBTQIA+ mental health.  Arran has extensive experience working with people living with HIV and various addiction issues. Arran is also passionate about working with adolescents (aged 16 and over) and the many challenges they face in the modern world.

Arran’s fee is €60 per session

Articles by Arran Whelan (He/Him)