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    Psychotherapy Training & Accreditation

    Helen graduated from University College Cork (UCC) in 1982 with a degree in Psychology.  In 2003, she obtained her MA in Psychology and went on to do a DEA (Post Master Degree) at Paris VII, Cité de La Sorbonne.

    She completed a two year practical and academic training scheme in Perinatal psychology (period when we decide to become parents to the first two years of life) in the Maternity service of a Parisian Hospital. Hôpital des Diaconesses de Reuilly, Paris 12.

    Helen is a chartered member of the Irish Psychological Society (PSI). She abides by their code of ethics. Her fees can be claimed back on certain private health insurance plans. Helen works in English and in French.

    Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Approach

    We all have our individual stories, and different life context, none of us experience life’s challenges, or life itself for that matter, in the same way.  Helen endeavours to work with each person so that “therapy” fits the individual and their needs. Helen aims to focus on mental well-being during the navigation through life’s challenges and difficulties.

    She has a special interest in life transitions and how they impact our sense of who we are. Helen believes that we are constantly adjusting to various transitions in our lives. These changes, force us to leave behind what we know and what’s comfortable for us. This in itself, can be overwhelming. At times we find ourselves “stuck”, unable to adjust and move on, we struggle to cope and come to terms with an unknown version of ourselves and our lives.

    When it “all” stays in our heads, thoughts have a way of making things more complicated and negative. Getting thoughts, into words, is a first step of making sense of our experience. Exploring our own unique issues in a safe non-judgmental environment, allows us to clarify what is going on for us.

    Helen draws on both the humanistic and psychodynamic approaches, and has worked with a wide a range of issues throughout our life spans.  These include supporting transition and well-being, leaving home, relocating, adjustment returning to Ireland, challenging professional situations, changing job, commitment in partnerships, becoming parents, infertility, miscarriage, perinatal loss, transition to parenthood, transition in relationships, rebuilding after loss of love, separation, blended or recomposed families, midlife, menopause, parental identity when children leave home and managing elderly parents.

    Counselling Experience and Areas of Interest

    Helen has worked in private practice and public sectors in both Ireland and France.

    Since her return to Ireland in 2014, she has had the opportunity of working in many different areas, including Student Counselling and Perinatal Support (pregnancy and early parenting). Supporting parents of children with special needs. Support of miscarriage and pregnancy loss.  Supporting the process of foetal screening. She also has experience working with the families of children on the Autistic spectrum.

    Helen has also lectured in Psychology at University College Dublin (UCD) and at University College Cork (UCC) with emphasis on parental and infant mental health. She explores how the transition to parenthood is challenging and requires continuous adjustment, how the parental mind and thought process shift and change during this period.


    Helen’s fee is €80 per session

    Articles by Helen

    Miscarriage. A silent loss.

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