Marriage Preparation Course

Bespoke Marriage Preparation Courses

Our Bespoke Marriage Preparation courses are suitable for couples preparing for religious or civil ceremonies and are suitable for heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples. A qualified Accredited Relationship Counsellor will help couples to discuss their relationship and their hopes and aspirations for the future, in a structured, safe and confidential environment.

What is involved in a Marriage Preparation Course in Mind and Body Works?

A Marriage Preparation Course in Mind and Body Works is a three-hour session where the couple meet with their chosen Counsellor. The three hours are set aside for the couple aloneand the Counsellor facilitates the couple to work on issues such as:

-Communication skills
-Emotional and sexual intimacy
-Role expectations
-Helping the couple to identify personal and couple goals

How Do I Organise a Marriage Preparation Course ?

If you decide our Bespoke Marriage Preparation Course is an option for you, below you will find a list of Counsellors offering this service. Choose the Counsellor you want and contact them directly. The Counsellor will book your course at an agreed time and date. Prior to your course a questionnaire will be forwarded to each of you. These questionnaires are confidential and designed to gather background information about your relationship. The completed questionnaires should be returned in advance of your appointment (usually seven days prior to your course) so the Counsellor will have a good sense of how best she can support you and use the time wisely.

A certificate of attendance is provided on completion of the course.

The cost of a Bespoke Marriage Preparation Course is €250 - €300.

Counsellors offering this service are:

Kathleen Lambert 087 205 1009
Lisa O’Hara 087 393 6536

marriage prep course

Kathleen Lambert Counselling PsychotherapistKathleen Lambert 087 205 1009 send-email
Lisa O'Hara Counselling PsychotherapistLisa O'Hara 087 393 6536 send-email