Relationship Difficulties

Relationship difficulties can be the most perplexing aspect of life. Sometimes they are not going how we want them to go and, worse, we don't know why. We don't know why he or she makes us so mad or why we behave in certain ways when we are around people who are so important to us. It can be confusing, defeating and depressing.

Psychotherapy and counselling can be invaluable here. We look at the strands of our relationship patterns. We look at how our past and present experiences colour our relationships. We then find the roots of our behaviour patterns, resolve conflicts that are inevitably there and come to a reconciliation with ourselves.

Ultimately, relationship difficulties are about our relationship with ourselves first. As we understand how we are within ourselves we develop a better relationship with ourselves. When this happens, we like ourselves more and we find it easier to like others and they in turn find it easier to like us - what we all want.

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